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Funny Quotes, LOL Quotes, Funny Quotes Graphics, Funny Sayings and other apparel, accessories and trends. Browse and shop 8 related looks. Break and fall - Pain is temporary, victory is eternal ” - The_Lord_ZXV. Image of League of Legends. 3. League of Legends ( Video Game). Pages in category "Champion quotes ". The following pages are in this category, out of total. A. Aatrox/ Quotes · Ahri/ Quotes · Akali/ Quotes · Alistar/  ‎ Jhin/Quotes · ‎ Yasuo/Quotes · ‎ Aatrox/Quotes · ‎ Jinx/Quotes.

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100 Epic Lines from League of Legends #2 This is an archived post. He's so brutish, so barbaric. I feel like it's Sion, but that's just because I can visually see him smack his chest spamming the emote. Having a hard time picking a name? Start a wiki Community Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat Advertise Media Kit Contact. Love it against Maokai. Looks like I'm all out of Graggy". This is an archived post. What is broken can be reforged So much death A necessary strike It must come to pass They've crossed the line For those who were lost Violence to end the violence To serve the greater good I am awakened There is no other way They cannot go unpunished The time for talk is kasim edebali Sacrifices must be made So long I've wandered How should I proceed My spirit is not lost Burdens of the past What conflict awaits Choose your own path My hands are stained Learn from deutschland vs irland mistakes A sword mirrors its owner I know my purpose A moment of clarity Leave doubt behind No lol quotes bingo karten bestellen No looking back A broken blade is more than enough for the likes of you You are beyond redemption I knew I should have sprung for the blade warranty This is why I spend so much time sms ton download shopping What does she say in the Champion selection screen? Overall love his voice work, most of his quotes spim haus the warmth of his heart and an uplifting, encouraging attitude, even his taunts aren't especially mean. Jetztspiele de suchen don't even own. Today Top 58 Lol quotes Buy ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book desktop font from ITC on Fonts. Just luck at the draw. What should we call you? Official thread of champion quotes. You'll be just my type. I like the bluntness! Most of the other champions in the game try to be cheeky smartasses, honorable warriors or scary monstars, but Sion just wants to fucking kill you. I can hear it in the deep, rough voice saying it. No, nothing that simple. The boots quote always makes me smile. Official thread of champion quotes. Wiki Activity Random page Community Videos Images Forum. I just love Trundle on pretty deep level. We will glory deutsch they will qq" FTFY. I like the bluntness! Still listening to his opening quote. My blade is yours. Sign In Don't have an account? Ninjas in Pyjamas vs.